In the summer of 2006, when rock legends Cheap Trick walked into Chicago’s WXRT radio studios to promote their new CD, they stunned radio announcer  Bobby Skafish (Skafish’s cousin), when the only topic on their mind was Jim Skafish. 

  • ”Where is Jim Skafish?  Where can we find him?  Really, he has a new record out, what  is it like?“  


  • On February 5, 2003, when another rock legend, Billy Corgan, was on JBTV to promote his then current album, he requested that a Skafish video be aired.


Even though Skafish never granted a single interview until 1986, the following testimonials represent a brief sampling of what people have been saying since 1976:

  • ”If there is a Bach or Mozart in this time period, it is Jim Skafish.“ 

         -- Dr. Ramon Satyendra

            Asst. Professor of Music Theory

            Yale University

  • ”When Jim Skafish walks into the room, I could swear it was Mick Jagger.“ 

            -- Muddy Waters

                United Press International

  • ”The best musician I know.“ 

          -- Willie Dixon

  • ”He’s a genius.“ 

          -- Stan Kenton

  • ”Rarely have I seen a music creator who was so totally unique.  As an A&R man, I was always looking for performers who could put their own stamp on music.“ 

         --  Robin McBride

              Producer/Former Head

              Midwest & International A&R for Mercury Records

  • ”Pay attention to him.“ 

          -- Doug Minnick

              Vice President of TAXI, The Independent A&R Company

  • "Skafish was an innovator back then and hopefully the time has now arrived for the world to embrace his music.“ 

           -- Jean Montiel

               Business & Legal Affairs/Print Licensing Manager

               Bug Music, Los Angeles


  • ”Jim Skafish was, and will always be, one of the most innovative and charismatic performers of the modern rock era.“              

            -- Paul Natkin 


  • ”SKAFISH has mesmerized audiences… ” 

             -- Illinois Entertainer 

  • ”…As the band broke into a dissonant, siren-like wall of sound that sounded like McCoy Tyner rehearsing during an air raid.  The effect was startling, to say the least.“         

             -- Cary Baker

            Prairie Sun

  • ”Skafish (rhymes with crayfish) is a former classical-piano prodigy who leads one

       of the tightest bands around.“

            -- Kurt Loder

                Rolling Stone

  • ”Rolling Stone magazine referred to the Bishop Noll graduate as ‘being years ahead of his time.’  Even many celebrated new music figures were avowed Skafish fans: 

     Iggy Pop, Sting, Cheap Trick, David Johansen and the infamous Sid Vicious.“

             -- Tom Lounges 

                 The Times  

  • ”The classically trained Skafish is a musical Vincent Van Gogh." 

             -- Tom Lounges  

                 The Times


  • ”He is a consummate performer as well as a musician’s musician.... He is an exciting performer, a phenomenal musician and an uncompromising artist...“. 

               --  Jimm White

                   Panorama Magazine N.W.I.

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